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Scooter Towing

Scooter towing is a ground based winch towing system for hang gliders that uses a simple scooter as the mechanical device. The scooter's rear wheel is converted to a spool that can hold a few thousand feet of rope and is anchored to the ground as a stationary winch. Blue Sky uses a turn around pulley that allows the student to be next to the winch operator and beginners can be gently pulled just a few feet off the ground as they learn how to control the speed and direction of the glider.

The towline is attached to the student and the glider. With a gentle twist of the throttle, a gentle pull allows the student to foot launch, fly ahead at 5 to 10 feet initially, release the towline, float to the ground and land on the wheels or attempt a landing on their feet.

Altitudes can gradually be changed as basic mastery of skills is developed in a safe and controlled manner. With 3 sizes of scooter winches, Blue Sky can continue training as students begin reaching altitudes of well over 500 feet until they are comfortable in transitioning to platform towing.

As your skills progress throughout your lesson program the instructor will control your altitude. The small scooter can help you achieve altitudes to 100 feet. Two larger scooters will increase your altitudes gradually to over 700 feet and get you ready to switch to platform truck towing. Mountain flying and aerotowing may be your next goal.

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