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The Blue Sky Experience

The Blue Sky experience is enhanced with a nice and spacious, grassy set up area with tie-downs to keep your glider safe.  The 180 acre flight area allows for safe landing practice with plenty of room.  The pavillion offers shade and a comfortable picnic area.  Many evenings the bonfire and flying stories will roar to life.   Queenfield Golf Course is adjacent to the park for non flying activities.  Glider storage is available.


  • Camping is $5 per night, $25 for  your RV with electrical hookup.
  • Indoor beds area available for $25 per night in the bunkhouse.
  • Mastercard and Visa are accepted for customer convenience
  • Pilots not taking lessons, but enjoying platform and aerotow flying need to purchase a flight park pass, which is $20 for a 3 - day period, or $50 for the entire flying season. A $150 year round pass would include the flying season pass, and unlimited camping.

In the Pilot Lounge friends can relax and have use of a refrigerator, microwave , television ,movies  and internet service.  Hot showers are available, and toilets are of the port-o-john variety.  It is recommended that campers bring jugs of water, and a cooler of drinks.  Grocery Stores and restaurants are only 10 minutes away.


 Aerotowing is available part time,.... truck towing and scooter towing are available 7     

                     days a week, as are hang gliding lessons, weather permitting.


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